By Bashley Football Club | Monday 9th November 2015


Following the Burnham match on Saturday Bashley FC can confirm that
manager Steve Riley offered his resignation with immediate effect. Club chairman
Tim Allan after talks on Sunday reluctantly accepted Riley's resignation.
Stepping up from his coaching role to be caretaker manager will be Paul Morris
who has previously helped the club in this position.

Allan said; "It's a great shame that things didn't work out as expected for Steve,
he is a really genuine person who I hold a great deal of respect for. I wish Steve
all the best for the future. He didn't really want to come back into football, he was
happy to have a break from the sport and coupled with the late start to the
season as far as changes with the board and manager, these things didn't help
the cause."

After discussing with the Bashley board there is a target for the vacated seat,
Allan added; "Things have to go through the correct channels, a potential
candidate has been discussed and we would hope to have positive news either
before or after the weekend."

With it becoming more and more difficult to attract experienced players to
Bashley, it had become extremely frustrating for Riley and the board alike.
Several different avenues were explored but nothing positive was coming back to
aid Riley's plans. "It's difficult to attract experienced players to a team that has
no points on the board, we have many youngsters with talent but they need help
from experienced players to bring them on. Everyone has been putting everything
into it but it's just not been working for some reason."
"The board felt it was time to see what could be done before it was too late, after
talking with Steve on Sunday he offered to stand down in the best interests of
the club if the board felt it could help the club. It was a hard decision to accept
as Steve has so much experience, his love and passion for the club will be

"Steve has been a pleasure to work with this summer, I have a great deal of
respect for him. I thank him for his honesty and commitment, it's a sad day in
the history of the club when things like this happen. We need all the players and
the fans to get behind the club to turn things round quickly" Allan added.
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